This page is dedicated to all the paragliding trips we do annually within the United States of America and overseas. 

At the end of September 2019 our paragliding team returned from a fantastic trip to Southern Turkey.

In February 2020 we had an amazing paragliding tour to Ecuador. From the sandy shores of the Pacific Coast to the rocky slopes and jungles of the Andes. We did it all!!! 

The month of June 2020 came. The new P2 who had recently obtained their ratings over the winter and had missed the trip to Turkey now had a chance to shine domestically. Colorado is a special place. With hundreds of paragliding sites scattered across the state, there is a place for everyone.

It was time for another international trip. This September 2020 is a good month for flying in Europe. Gentle thermals, pleasant winds, and moderate humidity provide a great foundation for long XC flights all across the European continent. Bulgaria. 


Idaho in October 2020. What a blast. We spent a week there and manage to fly all sites we had in mind. Our group of young P2s had a lot to learn and practice so this trip added a tremendous amount of experience, and great level of confidence. "Thank YOU"-Horseshoe Bend Flight Park for throwing up that fun Accuracy Landing event. We loved it...!


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