Learn to fly for just $2100!!!

  • P1(Beginner) Course - $1000 (6 day course -approx. 4hrs per day)

  • P2(Novice) Course - $1100 (Approx. 7+ day course - or until 35 completed flights)

The number of days is just an average. If trainee needs few extra days or attention, no additional charge! 

*For existing, experienced and proficient PPG(powered paragliding) or PG(paragliding) pilots:

-Conversion PPG to PG(P1/P2) - $700

                       PG(P1/P2) to PPG - $700

  •  No gear? No problem! All training gear for the P1 course is provided by us! Let us help you "spread your wings" by introducing you to some of the world's top brands in the sport of Paragliding! We provide discounts on gear purchases to our students and club pilots. We will help you familiarize yourself with what works best for you. Your instructor will help you find the exact gear you need so you are ready to "take-off" for your P2 course.                                        

  • * We follow national                   and international FAI      standards when it comes to training, choosing the right gear and flying. We use only paragliding certified and approved for use for the purpose of flying gear. While flying with us:- There will be no uncertified gliders or any other uncertified and unapproved for the sport equipment.

  • We are going to spend a few days together! Prepare for 12-15 days with your instructor. All classes are weather-dependent and take about 3-4 hours a day. The best training conditions are primarily mornings and afternoons. We will work on ground practice, gear familiarization, simulator training, weather understanding, and flying!


  • A P1/P2 course will walk and "fly" you through the ABCs of the Paragliding. As a  P1 Certified Pilot, you are eligible to visit any of the Flight Parks/Schools in the U.S. that have the P1 suitable terrain, under the brief supervision of an onsite instructor.  As a P2  Certified Pilot,  you are independent and you will gain access to a wide variety of flying sites in the USA and the WORLD!


  • Mobility and flexibility are important to us. We practice and fly any season, at various locations depending on weather. Many of our experienced club pilots can be often seen soaring near Sauk City WI, Madison WI, Wisconsin Dells WI, Hager City WI, Milwaukee WI, Platteville WI, Hokah MN. 

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  • Our ultimate goal is to have you become proficient enough so you can fly independently, without constant supervision. The more sites and locations you fly in the United States and around the world, the more you become confident in your skills and knowledge of Paragliding.

  •  As a P2 Pilot you will join us on our yearly paragliding trips. Places in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America are where we travel to for the purpose of paragliding and meeting with other pilots for cultural, and skill interaction.

  • Some of the great places around the world we LOVE to PARAGLIDE ...

- Sopot, Bulgaria

- Sun Valley, Idaho

- Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

- Oludeniz, Turkey

- Aspen, Colorado

- St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

- Drama, Greece

- Petroussa, Greece

- Jackson Hole, Wyoming

- Krusevo, Macedonia

- Ohrid, Macedonia

- Vlora, Albania

- Cape Town, South Africa

- Al Wathba Hill, United Arab Emirates

- Sealine Beach, Qatar

- Cusco, Peru

- Puerto Lopez, Ecuador

....and we are constantly adding!

How we practice on the ground during lessons...

Important reads...

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Powered Parachute Flying Handbook

FAA Part 103 Utralight Vehicles

Reserve Parachutes and their use


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