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Cost of Course $2,100
Wisconsin from the paraglider seat ...
Depending on your location, our availability and other factors, your paramotor training will be with Compass AirSports OR with our partners at Madcity Paragliding, located in Brooklyn, WI.

Cost of Course $2,900

Wisconsin from the paramotor seat ...

If you have an old rescue parachute from your past paragliding or hang gliding adventures, that is no longer needed or with an expired lifespan but still somewhat usable, you can now donate it. Years ago, old rescues and paragliding gear was voluntarily sent to certain countries where at times of distress, they would become household items, tents, school backpacks, clothes lines and more. You can still do that and yet old rescues now can have a second chance and achieve a purpose. Humanitarian Pilots Initiative is based in Belgum. Read more about the operations and ask us what would be the most cost efficient way for you to send your reserve.

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