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**Compass AirSports WILL NOT be offering activities between September 10 - October 5. We will be on a paragliding trip in Europe** 🇮🇹

The Magic of Flight- A day in the life of a Student Pilot

Ever dreamt of learning to fly but never knew where to start? Or maybe you just wanted to get a taste of it without a serious commitment! Well, now there is a way to do that. Take a One-time Instructional 2-Place tandem flight with an Instructor and see from the "front seat" what it feels like to be UP THERE. You will become a Student Pilot for a day and get to experience what Paragliding is all about. We are going to provide the gear necessary for your flight lesson. When you call or email with questions or for a reservation, be prepared to give us your exact body weight. Take off and landing is done on feet so prepare to be active. One trainee(passenger) at a time with an instructor. One glider in the sky at a time. Must sign a waiver before the flight. Student passengers under the age of 18 must have a parent or a legal guardian present on site during flight. Must provide exact body weight upon initial contact to ensure requirements are met before purchase/booking. 

You must call us a day or two prior to inquire about weather, location selection and final arrangements.

What we would need from you on the day is:

​- A pair of good shoes (hiking shoes or hiking boots are best)

- Pants and jacket as per the weather.

- Sunglasses

- Light gloves as per weather

Compass AirSports is proud to conduct all flights foot-launched. We are literally going to run into the sky together...just like the birds do! We have trained years for that at many locations around the world.                   Our flying is UNIQUE and we love it.

*Upon contact to make a reservation or with questions, please be ready to provide your exact body weight. We do not work with "approximates", so please step on a scale at home and be exact. See details below.


**No cell phones, hats, long scarfs, large necklaces or long jewelry, cameras, keys, or other loose items may be carried onboard. No sandals, flip flops or other light footwear inappropriate for real outdoor activities. No alcohol or drug use before the flight. We will evaluate your readiness for the flight upon arrival so please come prepared! Be ready to FLY IN THE SKY!

​***Please call us the day before to confirm that you are coming. Give us and yourself time! Plan your trip accordingly. Sometimes weather forecast forces us to wait on-site for better flying conditions. Average time for the whole visit is 45min-1hr/per person (ground basics and flying). We never rush!

Free Flight Tandem Flights are done just a few miles to the west of Sauk City, WI. We will give you the exact location during our contact with you. 

Powered Paragliding Tandem Flights are done at 2 locations, determined prior based on wind conditions for the day:

  •  Mauston/New Lisbon Union Airport, WI

  •  Portage Municipal Airport, WI

Instructional Tandem Free Flight Paragliding
$160(+$15 Photos/Videos-optional)
*Student/passenger weight between 65-225lbs
*Flight time 10-15min*
**Weather permitting, call to verify
***Ask for the College/Student Discount
****Local Discounts and Group Rates available
*****Free flight Tandem flights are done mid day starting




Instructional Tandem Powered Paragliding
$195(+$15 Photos/Videos-optional)
*Student/passenger weight between 65-185lbs
*Flight time 20-25min
**Weather permitting, call to verify
***Ask for the College/Student Discount
****Local Discounts and Group Rates available
*****Powered Tandem flights are done
early mornings and late afternoons/evenings




          Give the gift of flight

Compass Airports offers gift certificates for a One-time Tandem Instructional flight. The best "flying gift" you can imagine for yourself, loved one or a friend. Tandem flying involves flying together with an Instructor where the passenger takes the front seat.
*If you loved the flight and now you decided to learn, we will roll-over the value of the certificate towards the cost of a full training. And OFF TO A FLYING CAREER :)

Ask us more via the contact form below
...Or if just ready to 🦅
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