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It is NOT Parasailing. It is NOT Hang Gliding! 

The Paraglider is one of the world's most versatile and unique aircrafts. A harness (seat) is where you seat in and from where you control it. In its Free Flying version it moves through the air with a pilot's input and via mastering the forces of Mother Nature. In its  powered version(Paramotor) you will have a motor on your back to push you through the sky. It can fly slow or fast, can go up or down. Learning how to enjoy it safely is a process but once you see your feet lift up off the ground, then the reward is PRICELESS.

Free-Flight in Sun Valley Idaho

What is Paragliding in Wisconsin?


We fly at multiple locations (weather permitting)

  • Sauk City, WI

  • Oregon, WI

  • Wisconsin Dells/Portage, WI

  • Hager City, WI

  • Mauston/New Lisbon, WI

  • Platteville, WI

  • Milwaukee, WI

  • Maiden Rock, WI

  • Hokah, MN


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